A weekly bike ride through San Francisco.
Come to socialize, exercise and have fun!

Time: Every Wednesday at 7pm. Roll out around 7:15pm
Starting location: In front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco (approximate location)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Stops
Stop 1: Fort Mason Green
Stop 2: Scenic Overlook around Lincoln Blvd and Washington Blvd
Stop 3: Legion of Honor
Stop 4: Clement and 43rd (Quick regroup for the coaster race!)
Stop 5: Ocean Beach (Great Highway and JFK, Quick regroup)
Stop 6: Panhandle near Kezar and Stanyan
Stop 7: Bender's Bar and Grill (Great food and Whiskey Wednesdays!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people usually come? Our numbers range from 5-25 people with an average of about 10.

What kind of people come? Some people have work attire, others have normal clothes on, others wear cycling gear. Everyone is pretty chill, social and welcoming. Prepare to sweat.

How fast do people pedal? It's a group ride that is slightly faster than Bike Party or Critical Mass. It's not ridicuously fast but not slow either. There are multiple stops with people paying attention to who is still riding, so usually nobody gets left behind.

What kind of bike should I bring? People bring all sorts of bikes for this ride - single speed, mountain bike, road bike, etc. Anything with a few gears is recommended for first-timers.

What else should I bring? A warm jacket, gloves, a bottle of water and some lights are recommended. Bringing a six pack or flask to share earns you extra points :)

What time does the ride end? Usually we get to Bender's between 9:30-10:00PM.

What is the "Coaster Race"? It is a totally optional race that starts at Stop 4 (Clement & 34th), which is the start of a long decent around Point Lobos and down to Ocean Beach. Participants pedal for a short while, then coast all the way downt he hill. The goal is to see how far you can get with sheer inertia alone. It's a distance race, not a time race! Everyone regroups at Stop 5 (Ocean Beach).

Why is it called "Butterlap"? We're not really sure. Many different opinions exist on how the ride got it's name - one of which is it rarely has any stop signs of traffic lights, making the ride silky smooth like butter.

There are multiple stories about it's origin. Some say it started as a cyclocross training ride, others say that it started as a Sports Basement ride. The stories point to the ride starting around 2006. Since then it has been a spontaneous thing that happens every Wednesday (almost) without fail.

Is there an awesome video I can watch? Yes! Click here!